A car breakdown on the way home? A serious failure preventing further travel? We make sure that all our Clients always get the necessary assistance, wherever they are. Our Moto Assistance schemes are designed in such a way that each driver can rest assured of getting the necessary support in the event of an unfortunate incident. Your Clients can rely on the Moto Assistance service not only throughout Poland but also abroad in Europe, an option appreciated by both individual beneficiaries traveling as tourists and business customers.

The scope of our solutions covers a range of events related to vehicle breakdown or involvement in a traffic accident.

Who do we address our offer to?

We are sure that our offer of Moto Assistance services will be of interest to Insurance Companies as highly professional service and as insurance for Brokers who wish to provide their Clients with the highest level of coverage. Car Assistance will also be an essential addition to the offer of leasing companies. Your Clients will undoubtedly appreciate our effective solutions to the service process and the wide range of benefits we arrange. Inclusion of our Global Moto Assistance scheme in your offer will also be a great help for your fleet. We arrange repairs, also within our Partner’s workshop network, as well as provide a replacement vehicle or hotel accommodation for passengers.

What do our Moto Assistance services offer?

Our main goal is to provide the fastest possible assistance on the road in repairing mechanical defects or dealing with the consequences of an accident. Moto Assistance scheme beneficiaries will enjoy the following range of services in the event of a breakdown, accident, vandalism or other incidents:

improvement of the vehicle on the spot – to the extent necessary to continue the journey

towing of the vehicle to a garage or a place indicated by the Client

transport of the vehicle to the nearest charging station (in case of electric cars)

replacement of a bulb in the car – to enable driving in accordance with the regulations in force in Poland (or in another country where the fault occurred)

supply of fuel – we will deliver the necessary amount to reach the nearest petrol station safely and refill the fuel tank

coverage of the costs of hotel accommodation and transport of passengers to the indicated place

delivery of a replacement vehicle of a similar class to the Client’s vehicle

transport and coverage of the costs of a substitute driver – e.g. when the driver is hospitalized and none of the other passengers has a driving license

securing return or continuation of the journey – arrangement and coverage of the costs of the journey to the place of residence of the driver, or coverage of the costs of continuation of the journey by the driver and passengers to their destination

The most popular type of Moto Assistance covers passenger cars – and comes in many variants of types of events, limits and covered benefits. However, we do not overlook other road users. We also provide assistance for drivers of vans, trucks, tractors and coaches (Truck Assistance) as well as users of motorcycles, scooters or bicycles (Bike Assistance)

Moto Assistance – essential help when travelling abroad

A vehicle breakdown always involves stress – even more so if it happens abroad and you cannot communicate with roadside services or a workshop technician due to the language barrier. With these situations in mind, we have introduced contact with interpreters as a valuable service into our Moto Assistance schemes.

If your Clients’ vehicle breaks down abroad and is brought into a repair shop, we provide the necessary spare parts if they are not available on the spot and have to be ordered. For the comfort of the drivers, we also collect the vehicle from the repair shop and return it to the Client.

Moto Assistance for business customers

We would like to recommend our services to business customers. Many companies rely on an efficient fleet of cars, vans or trucks. A breakdown or accident of even one of them causes significant financial and image losses; the longer it takes to remove the consequences of the unfortunate event, the greater the loss. Therefore, you may want to secure the liquidity of your business, improve the comfort of vehicle users, and avoid unexpected expenses.


Are you planning to include Moto or Truck Assistance in your offer or to take out a support scheme for your Clients or fleet drivers?

Perhaps you have questions regarding the scope of services provided for the Moto schemes? You are welcome to contact us.

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