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From fire to flood, simple malfunction or major system or appliance failure, our clients can benefit from assistance of a dedicated specialist or coverage of costs of ad hoc repairs. We provide these services nationwide, drawing on our network of proven Global Assistance Polska service providers.

What do we offer in the Home Assistance package?

The Home Assistance package is becoming ever more popular form of assistance in emergency and unexpected events related to home system or appliance failures. This is a set of specific services, with costs (often under the insurance contract, up to the limit amount specified in the contract) covered by the insurer, bank, leasing company or our business partner of any industry. We offer an exceptionally attractive and extensive range of benefits to businesses and insurance companies working with us. We are sure that with Home packages your business range will become much more attractive in the eyes of those Clients who care about effective and comprehensive protection of their home and property.

With the Home Assistance packages, your Clients do not have to worry about such issues as:

  • repair of damaged home appliances, such as fridges, washing machines, stoves (both gas and induction) as well as home cinema and Hi-Fi sets – we arrange for a specialist to come to the Client’s house, and we cover labor costs;
  • replacement of a damaged lock, or loss of keys to the front door – as part of our cooperation, we also offer to arrange and cover the costs of a locksmith’s intervention; the locksmith will come to the indicated place to fix the problem;
  • bringing in specialists to repair plumbing, electrical, heating, air conditioning or other equipment in your house – our Service Providers include plumbers, electricians, roofers, glaziers, heating equipment technicians, companies specializing in construction and renovation services, as well as mobile appliance service providers;
  • arranging temporary accommodation in case of fire or flooding, as a result of which the Client’s home is uninhabitable; as part of the Home Assistance package, we also take care of storage and custody of property (in a place indicated by your Client).

Instant loss notification and adjustment

Our proprietary IT system, Global Assistance, makes it possible for us to professionally handle home and office appliance breakdowns. This system lets our consultants immediately dispatch suitable specialists to the Client’s home or other specified location.

Network of professional Home Assistance Service Providers

The perfectly organized network of Service Providers and other entities is an essential advantage of the services we offer. We work with a number of specialists operating throughout Poland. All of this effort is made to efficiently assist your Clients and remove failures of home systems or appliances under the Home Assistance package.

Extremely high SLA (Service Level Agreement) indicators, which are used to describe the guaranteed level of services offered, confirm our effectiveness. We are always ready to accept and promptly process your Clients’ requests. We know that time is money, and each and every additional minute equals a potential financial loss for the company, and in the case of individual clients – a lot of stress for household members. That is why we put so much emphasis on the uninterrupted flow of information. Moreover, as a result of long-term cooperation, our specialists can offer the following as part of

The Office Assistance scheme – services supporting the daily running of businesses

Although Home Assistance is most often associated with individual clients and the repair of home appliances, a related service package named Office Assistance is also gaining popularity among businesses concerned with the proper protection of their property, as well as coverage against emergencies that may disrupt their work routine. In companies, much more often than in homes, there are various hardware breakdowns due to much heavier exploitation. Quickness of reaction and time of arrival of a specialist, so the failure can be dealt with, are crucial in such a situation. All a business that has a valid Office Assistance package needs to do is to contact us and provide the necessary information about the failure. We will pass the case to a suitable Service Provider and we will settle the cost of repair with them under the insurance policy.

The Office Assistance package does not only entail specialist interventions in case of broken devices but also assistance in case of particularly extensive losses, such as fire or flooding that cause a significant part of the office space to become unusable. This poses many logistical problems that need to be solved as quickly as possible:

  • search for replacement premises for rent that meet the company’s requirements;
  • instant and safe transport of property – under the Office package, we work with professional transport companies – over the years, they have worked out reliable methods of transporting the more fragile equipment;
  • organization of storage space for storing equipment for the duration of loss adjustment; this applies to equipment that does not fit in the new premises (note: it is not always possible to find a place of the desired size).

Yor Clients can count on our support and on Office Assistance facilities after the completion of repair work, too. We will inform the transport company that the Clients can return to their offices. We will also arrange for the return of all equipment, including the equipment safely stored in warehouses.


Are your Clients asking about coverage for their apartment, business or appliances? Are you considering including Home or Office Assistance package in your product range? You can contact us by phone or via the contact form available on our website.

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