Home Assistance Professional's Assistance At Home And In The Office

Immediate assistance in the case of an unexpected incident at the place of residence or work, consisting in ensuring professional assistance e.g. of a locksmith, electrician, heating equipment technician, household appliance/radio and TV repair specialist as well as professionals from other specializations.

From fire to flooding, a common failure or a serious breakdown - our customers have the possibility to benefit from an intervention of a dedicated specialist or simply covering the costs of temporary repairs. We provide the above services throughout Poland, through our network of reliable Global Assistance Service Providers, specialized in the provision of building and refurbishment services.

Sample scope of services:

Professional's intervention (plumber, glazier, electrician, locksmith, household appliance and radio and TV repair specialist and other)

Access to information about the service providers network

Transportation and supervision over property

Organization of accommodation in temporary premises

Hotel stay organization

Temporary premises rental organization

Property transport organization

Tutoring classes

Information about the service providers network

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