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Global Assistance Polska provides services for Corporate Customers, among others Insurance Companies, Brokers, financial institutions, car fleets, leasing companies.

As part of our business, we offer a variety of assistance and assistance management schemes to best meet the needs of Insurance Companies, Brokers, banks and leasing companies that want to expand their product range or ensure the safety of their Clients. We are convinced that the beneficiaries of these schemes will appreciate the wide range of benefits and the quality of the services we provide. We are committed to an individual approach, and therefore we make every effort to ensure that our schemes are perfectly tailored to both your business objectives and the needs of your Clients.

Management and Assistance

Our Business Partners will gain access to enhanced Global Assistance services designed to provide maximum protection to our Clients, the end users. Thus, we encourage you to include in your offer such solutions as:

Moto Assistance / Truck Assistance – the scheme includes the possibility of arranging towing or repair of a damaged car, a substitute vehicle, a hotel, transport of passengers as well as many other technical and medical, organizational and informational services,

Home Assistance – assistance in case of minor and major malfunctions in dwellings (damaged roofs or home systems, white and brown goods, loss of door keys, consequences of burglary or vandalism, broken windows, leaks) and following fire or flood damage to the house. We provide the intervention of home specialists and organize e.g. transport of property or a substitute apartment in case of very serious losses,

Medical Assistance – in case of a personal accident or illness, the service covers arrangements of doctor’s consultations also at home, medical transport to a medical facility, psychological care and supply of medicines,

Travel Assistance – necessary in case of personal accidents abroad. We arrange doctor’s consultations, transport to the hospital, cover medical expenses, and provide assistance in case of loss of necessary documents,

Legal Assistance – securing the Client’s legal interests during situations that generate legal risk, a lawyer’s recommendation for solving the problem remotely or on the spot.

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If you are considering a dedicated or specialized scheme, we will gladly provide answers to your questions and assist in its scheme development.

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