Travel Assistance

Immediate assistance to the Client during unexpected events while traveling all over the world.

If a sudden incident distorts your peace while traveling, it is Global Assistance Polska that will provide assistance and will handle the organization of any incident-related matters.

The package contains a rich array of services related to organization and coverage of the incident-related costs while traveling, from lost luggage, to transport to the hospital.

Specialists are at the disposal of our Customers 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Sample scope of services:

coverage of the costs of medical services (outpatient care and hospital services)

transport to a medical facility at the place of the incident

transport back home

accommodation for the time of recovery

assistance in issuing the documents, when they are lost or stolen

legal assistance in the case the insured person enters into conflict with the law

luggage damage, loss or delay

refund of travel stopping costs

refund of costs of cancelling or delaying a flight

accident insurance (NNW)

civil liability (OC)

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