Travel Assistance

While on vacation, you may face mishaps that warrant quick response. This could be a car accident, a fall down the stairs, food poisoning, a cold, or documents and cash theft. These are troublesome circumstances that can ruin a vacation and become even more difficult if they happen on a trip abroad.

Having this type of events in mind, we would like to offer your Clients our Travel Assistance service. Travel Assistance covers a variety of solutions for unfortunate events that may happen while travelling, in any country or continent. With this service, your Clients can be sure that they will be provided with necessary assistance on the spot, when they need it most.

Travel Assistance – professional care

A second of inattention, an unfortunate coincidence, adverse road or skiing conditions – sometimes it does not take much to trigger a dangerous holiday accident calling for immediate assistance. Fortunately, your Clients are in good hands. Thanks to our Travel Assistance service and our network of foreign representatives, your Clients do not have to worry about the hassle of arranging a hospital stay or undergoing treatment. They can expect us to arrange a doctor’s visit, cover treatment costs, and help them buy medicines and other means prescribed by the diagnostician.

Hospitalization is never a pleasant experience, especially if you are traveling abroad. On top of that, sometimes it happens that the insured person is alone at the time of their accident. In such cases we can help get a named close friend or relative to the hospital and ensure they stay nearby. We do all this so that our Clients can be together with their family member in difficult moments. We also arrange for sanitary transport and medical assistance.

As part of Travel Assistance, we can also provide interpreter services or legal assistance.

Assistance and care at every step of your journey

Our Travel Assistance offer includes a complex range of services that guarantee safe solutions in every situation. We know that many different things can happen while on vacation – for this reason, your Clients can also benefit from:

24-hour Emergency Centre duty – and information assistance

assistance in case of loss of documents

transport of persons to Poland in a situation when a holiday trip has to be interrupted

transport of the deceased back to Poland, purchase of a coffin or an urn


Should you be interested in expanding your business offer with Travel Assistance services, foreign medical insurance (also for foreigners in Poland) or management of such insurance, we kindly invite you to contact us.

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