Medical Assistance

We provide assistance in the event of a sudden illness or accident. The service package features a number of benefits that help both the injured person and their family members. We have tailored our medical assistance offer so that your Clients can always feel safe. No matter whether things are under control or they require special care. Health is precious for all of us – so let’s get ready for any eventuality.

What do your Clients gain by opting for medical assistance?

First of all, they can expect a prompt medical consultation with a general practitioner. Your Clients will see a specialist within just a few days. In some cases, an appointment with a general practitioner or a pediatrician is feasible even on the following day, which is certainly beneficial for people with young children.

This Assistance offer is also suitable for today’s challenges and new patient habits. If the situation does not require the patient to visit the office in person (e.g. renewal of a prescription for already prescribed pharmaceuticals) or the patient is unable to show up for the appointment, we offer a telemedicine consultation with one of our doctors. The telemedicine service waiting time is shorter than in case of standard office appointments and sometimes the patient’s appointment will be only a few hours away!

Full care – always and everywhere

We work with many doctors across a broad range of specialties. Our Assistance plan also provides access to pediatric specialists. Our list of recommended facilities includes more than 2,000 locations that offer your Clients the services available to them, at no extra cost.

Not only doctor’s visits

The medical assistance plan means much more than just an opportunity to quickly schedule a specialist’s consultation. It also means a range of additional services, such as:

nurse's visit

delivery of medications to the indicated address

assistance in arranging rehabilitation equipment

rehabilitation process setup

psychological care

child care

medical transport

medical information services

You can also upgrade our plans with other Medical Assistance options or separate benefit packages, such as Home Assistance. Should you be interested in expanding your company’s offer with such services, please contact us.

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