• Road Assistance
      Road Assistance

      Regardless of the type of vehicle and the place of the incident, we offer immediate assistance in each situation involving a failure or damage, preventing travel from being continued.

    • Home Assistance
      Home Assistance

      Immediate assistance in the case of an unexpected incident at the place of residence or work, consisting in ensuring professional assistance e.g. of a locksmith, electrician, heating equipment technician, household appliance/radio and TV repair specialist as well as professionals from other specializations.

    • Health Assistance
      Health Assistance

      At Global Assistance, we are aware that health is most important, for this reason, we provide our services with due diligence and empathy. Our assistance is provided in the case of a sudden illness or unfortunate accident.

    • Travel Assistance
      Travel Assistance

      Immediate assistance to the Client during unexpected events while traveling all over the world.

    • Legal Assistance
      Legal Assistance

      Legal assistance services provides legal protection to the insured person, thereby safeguarding their financial interest in legal disputes. With our legal helpline, the insured person has the possibility to receive advice whenever needed.

    • Damage Adjustment
      Damage Adjustment

      We provide complex damage adjustment services, from the time of reporting an incident to closing the case being reported. Our reliability and effectiveness of the process is ensured by a number of qualified specialists.

    • Call Center
      Call Center

      We offer call center services, consisting in running and operating thematic helplines. Round-the-clock helplines operating seven days a week are dedicated for Global Assistance Polska products.

    About us

    Insurance and Policy Management

    Global Assistance Polska Sp. z o.o. is member of the international insurance group Vienna Insurance Group. Under the Global Assistance brand, we have provided Assistance services to our Clients in five European Union countries: in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania.

    The International range of Global Assistance group and cooperation with a select group of technical and medical service providers allow us to provide immediate Assistance throughout entire Europe and medical assistance in all countries worldwide.

    Many years of experience in services for the Clients of leading Insurance Companies under VIG Assistance brand allow us to prepare an offer also for entities from outside Vienna Insurance Group.

    Two Service Centers Warsaw and Łódź.


    Michal Makarczyk

    Michal Makarczyk

    President of the Board

    For over 25 years connected with the insurance industry. Has worked in various insurance companies.
    Cooperates with Vienna Insurance from February 2011.
    After implementing the internal own assistance structure within VIG Group, he led the project of creating a new company Global Assistance Polska Sp. z.o.o., in which he took up the position of the President of the Board of Directors.
    In free time he gladly travels, practices fencing and plays tennis.

    Michal Krzyzanowski

    Michal Krzyzanowski

    Member of the Board

    Thanks to 25 years’ experience in the assistance industry he participated in development of operational methods, network of service providers and many pioneer commercial projects.
    As a Commercial Director, he implemented many innovative assistance programs with B2B clients, including leading insurance companies.
    He is associated with the Vienna Insurance Group since 2020.
    At Global Assistance Polska, he is in charge of Sales and Marketing.

    Vienna Insurance Group

    The owner of about 50 insurance companies in 25 countries. It is a corporation with a long-standing tradition, having various brands in its portfolio. VIG's operations are based on 200-year long experience in the insurance industry.

    Benefits from cooperation with Global Assistance Polska

    Cooperation with a stable Partner from international Vienna Insurance Group (VIG)

    Years-long, international experience in the assistance services industry

    Competitive pricelists of Global Assistance Service Providers

    High SLA indicators

    Modern and proven system for registration and adjustment of assistance damages

    Well-developed and proved Assistance Service Providers network

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    +48 22 602 40 00

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